Department of Civil Engineering and its Graduates

Nature provides us with plenty of resources. At the same time nature has its hostile behavior. Human beings need to tame this nature to support development activities and utilize the natural resources properly. Throughout the history of modern civilization, Civil Engineers have been doing this work and have always been at the forefront of the drive for the improvement of our standard of living. Recognizing this responsibility, the Civil Engineering department at Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET) provides a well-rounded quality and challenging education with a solid theoretical background, training in the latest design methods, and proficiency in technological applications.

Department of Civil Engineering, one of the first academic disciplines of RUET has a long and distinguished history, started its first academic curriculum in 1964. The department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The program starts with foundation courses in basic sciences, mathematics, humanities, social sciences and management with basic courses in Civil Engineering. Subsequently, specialization takes place in the fields of Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Water Resources Engineering. Here, the students (over 600 undergraduate and 50 postgraduate) get the opportunity to pursue an exceptional, high level education under highly qualified faculty members and gets real life hands-on skills. The department provides a diverse and active community for research, and we are proud of our strong international reputation for the level of our research outputs.

The department also provides full-fledged in-house laboratory facilities for its students equipped with all necessary basic and modern instruments to conduct any research at advanced level. Moreover, the department organizes one international conference in every alternate year, named as ICPACE since 2017, to disclose the research outcomes at national and international arena.

Almost 4000 students have been graduated from the department since 1964. Civil Engineering graduates of RUET work in large establishments in and outside the country. Furthermore, they are serving for the greater interest of the country in the top organizations i.e. Public Works Department, Roads and Highways Department, Bangladesh Water Development Board, Local Government Engineering Department, Bangladesh Railway, Public Health Engineering, public sector banks, etc.

Welcome to the Department – we look forward to you joining or engaging with us.